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Personal Foul

Labrador Publishing 2018 2nd. Edition

A lesbian sports romance set in the WNBA and in Provincetown, filled with action, romance, and passion.

Personal Foul keeps your attention from tip-off. Both characters are well-developed and likable and you find yourself rooting for each of them. Even though you know there's going to be a happy ending, going through their personal struggles and processes felt real. And that's a win-win!

Felice Cohen

Best-Selling Author

A WLW Sports Romance

About the Book

Kat Schaefer's career is on autopilot. She's an elite basketball official in the WNBA after surviving an extremely rocky childhood but still finds herself adrift in her personal life almost two years after her longtime girlfriend dumped her. Kat's well-ordered world turns upside down again when she meets a hotshot rookie named Julie Stevens who knocks her world off-balance with her stellar play and captivating eyes. Despite Kat's best defense, she falls hard for the young player but she's unable to open herself up to love again. Her solution is to retreat alone to the magnificent beaches of Provincetown, Massachusetts to heal old wounds and to figure out  what the future holds.


Artist and Writer
Christie Hardwick

While on a relaxing trip to Italy for my wife's 60th birthday, we choose this book to read together at night. The place we stayed had no television or other entertainment so we were selective about our reading choices. This book was so entertaining that we couldn't wait to climb into bed or onto the couch to continue reading it each night. We fell in love with each of the characters like you do in a wonderful mini-series and we wanted to know what would happen next. I learned about women's basketball and enjoyed the details about Cape Cod. Highly recommend this as a delightful, sexy, and intelligent read.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 4.03_edited.png

Rachel Wells

This was a story that I had always wanted to read because it involved that forbidden dynamic between an official and a player. Madison did not disappoint in delivering a spot-on romance that captured the excitement, the fears, and the challenges that each person must face when engaging in such a relationship.

Kat is a likable character with all of her setbacks and flaws because Madison makes her relatable to the reader. Julie is a spitfire and is exactly what Kat needs in her life. While it may take time for Kat to figure that out, the journey to that realization is just as fun to read as when they finally reach the destination.


Author Maria Siopis

The writer is, without a doubt, charismatic because she made me feel every emotion that cruised through her characters’ bodies. I felt the pain, the heartbreak, and the love. The author’s ability with words increased my craving for a never-ending story, even though, my whole existence was hurting. The realism of the story was outstanding. When the reader identifies with a character(s) then the author created an outstanding work. The ending was grand and the sex scenes were hot, so hot and so well written that made me smile all the way home. LOVED IT. WOW.

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