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Welcome to the Enchanting World of Christine A. Baker

Explore Uncharted Realms: Delve into captivating stories that transcend boundaries, from the intricate pages of novels to the silver screen. As an accomplished author and screenwriter, Christine A. Baker weaves tales that linger in your heart and spark your imagination.
Unleash Your Imagination:

Immerse yourself in narratives that whisk you away to worlds unknown. With a pen that drips with creativity and a keyboard that clatters with ideas, Christine creates stories that capture the essence of human emotion and the allure of the unknown.
From Script to Spotlight:

With a knack for crafting compelling narratives of strong female characters spanning history, Christine's screenplays and novels breathe life into characters and scenarios that resonate with audiences of all ages.
Discover the Catalog:

Immerse yourself in a collection of stories that traverse genres, from fantasy realms with mythical creatures to heartwarming tales of human connection. Each page holds an invitation to embark on a new adventure.
Table Read My Screenplay icon 2021
Sundance Institute Icon
Billie Award for Journalism Finalist 2009
WOmens Indie Film and TV.png
FT Second Round Fall 2022
Japan Genre Competition
FINALIST - Screenplay Festival - 2022
FINALIST - The Womens Independent Film  Television Festival - 2023.png
Table Read Semi Finalist
Your Script Poduced Season 2

Season 2 

PTS Genre Competition icon
Table Read My Screenplay Chicago 2017

Chicago 2017

Best Feature Screenplay Genre Nominee 2022
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