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Agent 355

Feature Film Script with Mini-Series Potential

Hidden deep behind British lines, America’s first female, African-American undercover operations officer, only known as Agent 355, risked her life within the famed Culper Spy Ring to provide General George Washington the intelligence he needed to win the Revolutionary War.

Agent 355.png
African-American Female Lead/Period/Historical

2022 ISA Fast Track Fellowship Second Round

2022 Table Read My Screenplay Virtual Genre Competition


2021 Table Read My Screenplay Top 100 Historical/Biopic 

2020 Quarterfinalist Your Script Produced! Studios: Season 2

2017 Table Read My Screenplay Chicago Semi-Finalist

Red River Reunion

Feature Film Script with Mini-Series Potential
Co-Writer John Layne

In the Old West, a gunslinging U.S. Marshall plagued by a cryptic past reunites with a weathered Texas Ranger on a perilous mission to defend a Texas border town from ruthless outlaws.

Based on a trilogy by international award-winning author John Layne


2022 Best Feature Screenplay Nomination Genre Competition Tokyo

2022 Genre Competition Finalist Toyko

2022 Page Turner Screenplay Awards Finalist

Based on the award-winning novel by John Layne including:

- Firebird Award Winner

- Eric Hoffer Award 2021 Shortlist

- International Book Awards Finalist 2021

- American Fiction Awards Finalist 2021

When We Were Young

Contained Feature Film Script, Ensemble Female Cast
A Story About Enduring Friendship

A modern take on STEEL MAGNOLIA’S or a happy-ending BEACHES. A woman rents a beach house in Provincetown where she and her four childhood best friends reunite as they learn she is battling cancer and rally to support her.


In a Flash

Feature Film Script
A Story About Fate and Spirituality

A la CITY OF ANGELS and SLIDING DOORS, an impoverished, aspiring artist loses her dead-end job and apartment in the city, displacing her and her beloved dog. As she struggles to survive, her spirit guide and guardian angel work behind the scenes to escort her home so she can face her challenging past, and ultimately find her destiny.

In a Flash.png

The Four Friends

Contained Feature Film Script, Ensemble Cast
A Story About Adulting After College

When tragedy strikes Samantha Davis on Christmas night ten years after graduation, her college friends pull together to find themselves, and love, in the most unlikely of places.


Behind Closed Doors: The Art of Negotation Through Time

30-Minute Historical Reality Television Series
Co-Creator/Writer Dr. Joshua N. Weiss

A Harvard professor travels through time to the most important negotiations in history to show how making peace actually works.

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