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Available Screenplays

Where imagination takes center stage: 
Welcome to a treasure trove of captivating narratives that await their moment in the spotlight. Christine A. Baker presents a collection of available screenplays that span genres, traverse time, and ignite the imagination.
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Agent 355

A Tapestry of Intrigue:

Embark on a journey into the heart of history with AGENT 355, a gripping screenplay that brings to life the untold story of America's first female spy. Meet the enigmatic AGENT 355, a woman of courage and cunning who defied conventions to become a vital asset in the fight for freedom during a pivotal era in American history.

Set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War, this screenplay unveils the shadows of espionage, deceit, and sacrifice. Dive into a world where loyalties are tested, and a single woman's actions hold the power to shape the course of a nation.

AGENT 355 transcends eras, speaking to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to defy the norm and shape the world with their actions.

Named 2022 ISA Table Read My Screenplay semifinalist, ISA Fast Track Fellowship second-round selection, and many more.

Based on a true story. African-American Female Lead/Period/Historical feature film script with mini-series potential.

Red River Reunion

Feature Film Script with Mini-Series Potential

Red River Reunion

Saddle Up for Adventure: 

Step into the rugged landscape of the Old West, where destiny and danger collide. RED RIVER REUNION is a screenplay that takes you on a gripping journey through the untamed frontier. Meet a U.S. Marshall with a turbulent history and a Texas Ranger weathered by years of experience. As their paths intertwine once again, they're thrown into a high-stakes mission to safeguard a Texas border town from the clutches of merciless outlaws.

RED RIVER REUNION is a symphony of gunfights, suspense, and unrelenting courage. The screenplay encapsulates the essence of the Old West – a world where honor and justice are sought amidst the chaos.

Envision scenes that come alive on the silver screen – horses thundering across vast landscapes, showdowns that hold your breath captive, and characters who resonate with both vulnerability and strength.

2023 Women's Independent Film & Television Festival Official Selection, 2022 Best Feature Screenplay Nomination Genre Competition Tokyo, 2022 Genre Competition Finalist Toyko 2022 Page Turner Screenplay Awards Finalist

Based on a trilogy by international award-winning author John Layne. Co-Written with John Layne

When We Were Young

Embrace the Bonds of a Lifetime:

Dive into a tale that celebrates the unbreakable ties of friendship. WHEN WE WERE YOUNG is more than a story; it's an emotional journey that showcases the enduring power of camaraderie.


Picture a tranquil beach house in Provincetown, where the backdrop of sun-kissed shores becomes the canvas for a poignant reunion. Here, five childhood best friends gather, each bringing a unique piece to a puzzle they've been solving together for years.


Amidst the laughter and memories, a sobering truth emerges. One of their own, facing the battle of a lifetime, becomes the focus of their unwavering support. As cancer casts its shadow, the bonds between these women grow stronger, proving that the fiercest battles are fought shoulder to shoulder.


A GENX Rendition of Unity, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG is a heartfelt homage to enduring classics like STEEL MAGNOLIAS, tailored for a new generation.


Imagine this heartwarming narrative springing to life on the big screen, with a blockbuster ensemble female cast that brings depth and authenticity to each character's journey.

In a Flash

Where Destiny Takes Alternate Routes:

Enter a world where destiny is as intricate as a masterpiece. IN A FLASH is a screenplay that paints the portrait of a woman's journey through parallel realities, reminiscent of CITY OF ANGELS and SLIDING DOORS.

Meet an aspiring artist whose life takes a sudden turn when she loses her job and home, upending her world and that of her loyal canine companion. Stranded in a sea of uncertainty, she must navigate a maze of challenges that push her limits.


Behind the scenes, her spirit guide and guardian angel work in harmony, orchestrating the threads of fate. As she grapples with survival, they silently guide her towards a path that unravels her past, offers closure, and leads her to embrace a destiny she could never have imagined.

IN A FLASH weaves together the beauty of human resilience, the mystery of unseen forces, and the hope that transcends adversity. It is an invitation to contemplate the unseen currents that shape our lives. It stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-discovery. Embark on a Journey of Destiny with IN A FLASH.

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The Four Friends

Uniting Hearts Beyond Tragedy:

Step into a world where friendships endure and love blooms in unexpected corners. THE FOUR FRIENDS is a heartwarming screenplay that unravels the threads of connection and discovery.


Join Samantha Davis and her college companions as they confront tragedy on a fateful Christmas night. A decade after graduation, their lives take an unexpected turn, leading them towards profound self-discovery and unforeseen romance.

Through laughter, tears, and unexpected twists, they find solace in each other's company and uncover the true essence of love. 


The screenplay captures authenticity, vulnerability, and the power of enduring relationships. At its core, this screenplay showcases the capacity for growth, healing, and finding love in the most unexpected of places.


Witness how laughter, love, and healing can sprout from the seeds of tragedy, reminding us that life's most beautiful moments can emerge from unexpected beginnings. Embrace the journey with THE FOUR FRIENDS.

Behind Closed Doors: The Art of Negotiation Through Time

Unveiling History's Hidden Agreements:

Step into a world where negotiation becomes a gateway to history's most pivotal moments. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is a captivating series that transcends eras, inviting you to witness the art of making peace unfold across the ages.


Meet a Harvard professor armed with knowledge and a time-traveling ability. As they traverse history's annals, they reveal the untold stories of negotiations that shaped nations and defined destinies.


From ancient councils to modern-day summits, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS delves into the intricate choreography of negotiation. The screenplay unveils the secrets, strategies, and sacrifices that lay the foundation for lasting agreements.


Imagine history's most iconic figures negotiating against the backdrop of their times. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is a testament to humanity's capacity to overcome differences and find common ground. It's a reminder that the most impactful agreements are forged through understanding.


Walk alongside historical figures and gain insights into the intricate balance that leads to peaceful coexistence.

30-Minute historical reality television series. Co-written with Dr. Joshua N. Weiss.

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