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Purchased Screenplays

Celebrate the strength of remarkable women throughout history:

Welcome to a realm where stories come to life on the big screen. Christine A. Baker's artistry extends beyond the written word, weaving intricate narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. These are not just screenplays; they are invitations to explore the depths of human emotion and history.
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Dear Emily

Beyond Words into Worlds:

Venture into the world of Emily Dickinson through Christine's evocative screenplay. A finalist in the esteemed Sundance Screenwriters Lab, this script soared to the top 10 out of an astonishing 10,000 submissions. Acquired by M.Y.R.A. Entertainment (known for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME), it's a testament to Christine's ability to breathe life into historical figures.

Original Screenplay, based on a true story. Lead writer.

The Curse on 1140 Royal Street

Embark on a haunting journey:

Welcome to 1140 Royal Street, a dwelling that holds tales from the shadows of the past. In an era marked by the presence of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, the haunting specter of slavery, and the enigma of the Old South, this house stands as both a marvel and a dwelling of dread. The legacy of 1140 Royal Street persists as a chilling reminder of humanity's darker inclinations. The tales woven into its walls remind us that even amid beauty and grandeur, the capacity for darkness lies within the human heart.

Original screenplay based on a true story. Co-Writer with Katherine Brooks and Big Easy Pictures.

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