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Works in Progress

Stories in the making:

Welcome to a realm where the sparks of creativity fly freely, and the canvas of imagination knows no bounds. Works in Progress is a glimpse into Christine A. Baker's ongoing literary journey, where stories take shape and characters come to life.
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Mercy Rules

A tale of healing and redemption through sport:

MERCY RULES unfolds as a powerful drama that navigates the depths of the human spirit.


Meet Coach Rachel Anderson, a beacon of strength who emerges from the shadows of personal tragedy to take on an extraordinary challenge – resurrecting a struggling girls' high school basketball team. Her journey is one of perseverance, compassion, and unwavering dedication.


As Coach Rachel guides her team toward success, she discovers that her impact reaches far beyond the court. Through mentorship, teamwork, and sheer determination, the girls find their voices, their strength, and their path to redemption.


MERCY RULES is not just a film; it's an emotional odyssey that delves into the complexities of healing and redemption. Through Coach Rachel's transformative journey, audiences witness the power of resilience and the capacity for growth.

MERCY RULES is a testament to the human spirit's capacity to rise, to heal, and to inspire. The film invites audiences to believe in second chances, the strength of unity, and the potential for redemption.

Contained Script/Drama/Sports/Military 

Estimated Completion 2/24

Heaven's Reckoning

The cosmic clash between good and evil:

Welcome to a world where the cosmic clash between angels and demons echoes through time. HEAVEN's RECKONING is an epic fantasy that unveils the battle for dominion over Earth, weaving a tale of unexpected alliances and the indomitable spirit of redemption.


In a realm where the line between light and shadow blurs, a disillusioned angel and a repentant demon find themselves bound by an unlikely alliance. As the Legion of Angels faces off against the Devil's forces, their joint efforts become the last hope to avert catastrophic destruction.

Brace yourself for HEAVEN's RECKONING, a film that transports audiences to the heart of intense battles, where the clash between good and evil reverberates across the cosmos, and across time itself. Witness characters who defy their origins, forging paths of redemption that shatter conventions.

Through breathtaking visuals and immersive narratives, the film resonates with universal truths and explores themes of redemption, unity, and the transformative power of personal choices.


Envision stunning visuals that blur the lines between reality and the ethereal. The screen becomes a canvas for celestial battles, where every frame is infused with the intensity of the struggle.

HEAVEN's RECKONING is a journey through the depth of the human spirit. It defies the notion that conflicts are set in stone, reminding us that even the most entrenched rivalries can be overcome through unity and resilience.

High Concept Action/Adventure/Fantasy Feature Film with Graphic Novel Potential.

Estimated Completion 8/24

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Virtual Exodus

Where the line between reality and virtual reality blurs:

Immerse yourself in the gripping tale of VIRTUAL EXODUS where the line between reality and virtual reality blurs into a heart-pounding adventure.


A young gamer finds herself ensnared within a merciless post-apocalyptic video game. As the clock ticks, she must swiftly adapt, form unexpected alliances, and rise as a beacon of hope, leading an unconventional group of heroes out of the virtual reality trap back into the real world. Her ultimate mission becomes breaking free from this digital prison, averting the nightmarish emergence of the game's malevolent AI into reality itself.

VIRTUAL EXODUS masterfully navigates the uncharted territories between what's real and what's virtual, weaving a tapestry of camaraderie, unwavering resilience, and the unforeseen consequences of mankind's AI advancements.


This cinematic journey propels audiences through a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, where danger lurks at every turn. Yet, beneath the surface, it delves into the poignant struggles of our characters, torn between existing in two realms – the digital and the tangible.

With stakes higher than ever, the fate of humanity rests upon their shoulders, compelling them to thwart a digital menace threatening to plunge reality into chaos.

VIRTUAL EXODUS beckons you to explore the intricate connections between humanity and technology and the ethical quandaries posed by AI's rapid evolution. 

High Concept/Fantasy/Action with Graphic Novel Potential.

Estimated completion: 10/24

Luce Mia

An odyssey of self-discovery:

Welcome to the world of Elena Luciana D’Angelo, a brilliant and dominant New York attorney who finds her meticulously constructed life unraveling in unexpected ways.

Elena's existence, defined by her high-powered career and an emotional detachment from relationships, takes an unforeseen turn when a profound mid-life crisis shatters her carefully maintained facade. Disillusioned by her numbing routine, Elena courageously abandons her lucrative legal path, opting for a transformative voyage to Venice, Italy, where her family's roots lie.

What begins as a simple escape morphs into an extraordinary odyssey as Elena delves into the rich tapestry of her Italian heritage. Amid the labyrinthine canals and enchanting beauty of Venice, Elena uncovers hidden layers of her ancestry, revealing startling secrets that resonate deeply with her own journey of self-discovery.

As Elena delves into her family's past, she not only grapples with the revelations that could reshape her future but also comes to terms with the emotional walls she has erected around herself. The film navigates her intricate web of relationships, from reconnecting with distant relatives to forming new bonds that challenge her guarded nature.

With each revelation, Elena's perspective shifts, and she finds herself at a crossroads: the choice between retreating into the familiarity of her old life or embracing the newfound light that has illuminated her path. Her journey becomes a compelling narrative of redemption, growth, and the extraordinary power of self-discovery.

LUCE MIA is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant feature film that encapsulates the complexities of human existence. The mesmerizing backdrop of Venice serves as a metaphor for Elena's journey, as she navigates the labyrinth of her own heart and heritage. Guided by Christine A. Baker's captivating storytelling, the film captures the essence of transformation and the timeless search for identity, making it a compelling cinematic experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of audiences long after the credits roll.


Estimated completion 1/25

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